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Rondeau Provincial Park

R.R. #1 Morpeth, Ontario

N0P 1X0

(519) 674-1750


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For all camping reservations please call: 1-888-668-7275 or visit: www.OntarioParks.com


For birding inquiries or bird sightings, please contact the Visitor Centre at (519) 674-1768

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Rondeau Provincial Park
R.R. #1 Morpeth, Ontario

N0P 1X0

Tel: (519) 674-1777

Email: info@rondeauprovincialpark.ca

Welcome to Friends of Rondeau

Nestled deep within the heart of Carolinian Canada lies Ontario’s second oldest Provincial Park. Formed in 1894, Rondeau Provincial Park remains one of the crown jewels of the Ontario Parks system. Rondeau’s Carolinian forests are home to such southern species as Tulip-tree, Sassafras, Virginia Oppossum, Yellow-breasted Chat and the endangered Prothonotary Warbler. Rondeau is unique in the amount of this rare habitat that it protects – no other provincial park in Ontario holds as much.

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Latest News

  • Canada Goose (J. Pickering)August 27, 2014 - Species of the Day: Canada Goose

    The Canada goose is a common sighting for many people because they can be seen across North America in nearly every state and province at some point during the year. These big honkers can be found in fields, ponds, lakes, … Continue reading

  • White Trillium (G. Spooner)August 25, 2014 - Species of the Day: White Trillium

    You may recognize the trillium from your Ontario Drivers Licence, or on your Ontario Health Card.  That’s because the White Trillium is Ontario’s provincial flower.  The White trillium was named Ontario’s flower in 1937.  The White Trillium has three large … Continue reading

  • Fowler's Toad (S. Dobbyn)August 23, 2014 - Species of the Day: Fowler’s Toad

    The background colour varies from tan to olive green or gray.  They resemble the American Toad, but the one key difference is that the American Toad has only one wart in each dark patch, whereas the Fowler’s toad has two … Continue reading

  • Eastern Chipmunk (D. Cofell)August 21, 2014 - Species of the Day: Eastern Chipmunk

    These cute little guys are everywhere around our park.  They are reddish brown with multiple stripes running from their shoulders to their rump.  They are seen most often on the ground, even though they are good climbers.  Their tails are … Continue reading

  • Poison Ivy (P. Manorome)August 19, 2014 - Species of the Day: Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy can appear in many different forms.  It can be of the climbing variety, which looks like a vine climbing a tree, it can be of the non-climbing variety, where it is spread over the ground, and it can … Continue reading

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